WELCOME TO THE DAILY COSMOS - This section provides some links for those with an interest in keeping in touch with both our heliospheric/galactic environment and with the natural cycles of time (WORK IN PROGRESS).

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:





Year 2009 Almanac - Covers a whole range of astronomical events (Eclipses, occultations, meteor showers, rising and setting times, planetary and stellar data) plus astrological and mayan calendar information, etc

www.solarmonitor.org - Detailed information and images of the Sun in real time.

Aurora Watch
- Contains live updated information about auroral displays in the Northern Hemisphere.

Dreamspell Count Date Decoder - This links to a page within tortuga.com where you can convert standard Gregorian Calendar dates into Dreamspell dates and find some beginners information about Jose Arguelles' fascinating Mayan calendar-based Count.



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Solar X-ray flux is quiet
Solar X-ray flux is active
An M Class flare has occurred
An X Class flare has occurred
An unprecedented flare has occurred
Geomagnetic Field is quiet
Geomagnetic Field unsettled
Geomagnetic Storm has occurred