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Here is a selection of unmastered, rough demos by Xavier de la Huerga founder of The Agent, Solar Wings and more recently Syntax Wormhole. You won't find this material on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or anywhere else. A few lyrics are available in the Poetry page. As of Autumn 2015 there are plans to go in the studio and tour the UK, France and Spain. Dates will be forthcoming on this page and elsewhere.

Heaven on Hell - © 2008 X. de la Huerga
(Live outdoor recording
at the Caldera de Taburiente in La Palma, Canarias with only some backing vocals overdubbed)

The Fifth Season - © 2007 X. de la Huerga

Darkness Reveals Light - © 2003 X. de la Huerga

Butterfly Laughter Seasong - © 2001 X. de la Huerga

Mystery Descends to the Visible - © 2000 X. de la Huerga

Starfall Arborescence - © 1999 X. de la Huerga

Mother Beehive - © 1999 X. de la Huerga







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