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Heaven on Hell

I'm moving like a serpent mound
Moving from west to east
Rolling earth is making me feel round
Here's something to be grown underground
Shepherd the beast to the wasteland
I'm turning soil around
In order to heal all the suns in my wound
Hoping to fulfil...

Watch a human forest growing upon fallen skies
With its born-to-dream eyes for leaves
And the burning wheels behind them take their turns to be aligned
In the Sanskrit twilight within
So when the last night's come and gone
The schizophrenic weather front takes its blood diamond toll with it

Dusk angel
Venus rose tears
Destination heaven
Light's the way
Heaven on Hell

Opposite the radial labyrinth is borne out of time
Feed her cinnabar milk tonight
Watch the mirror fury breaking upon rocky mother shores
Whilst the caving empty child is real
Sinking low into the mire
Egosaur is revealed as the mask behind the Iron Crown

Dusk angel
Venus rose tears
Destination heaven
Light's the way
Heaven on Hell

Another turn
Another fall
The Willmill grinds the sea into a halt
An endless dawn
On the living stone
Turning round and round and round down the starway...

(Music/Lyrics © 2007 Xavier de la Huerga)

Darkness Redeems Light

Spread your wings and fly with me into the heart of sky
The crack between the worlds
The dragon’s jaws are open wide
Step inside and let death-fear not rule your life again
The time has come to take the power back into your eyes

Lightning in our blood
A flower springs to life at dawn
The solar tribes inside this human race wake up in time
A ring of blood is forged anew outside the cracks of doom

The shadow doesn’t hold sway yet
But the storm is upon us
Standing heart to heart
We stand a chance to save the land

Lightning in our blood will make it happen
Darkness redeems light
Lightning in our blood, we’ll make it happen
Darkness reveals light

(Music/Lyrics © 2003 Xavier de la Huerga)

Uranian Skies

Oh my god
Let me rise with this song to uranian skies
Speaking about you
Your magnitude and measure
Eternal movement and pleasure

Let me build for you with sound
Crystal temples in my bones
Orange blossom scent spires turning
Inside my spinal tree of life
Rooted high in a neuron star
Dreamships trailing, bleeding light

Galactic mother spider
Open for me the portals now
Take my heart within your heart
Swallow me
Love is information in its purest form
Love is self-reflection
Love is truth
(Love is the only news)

Faster than light
At the speed of love
She’s weaving the turquoise of uranian gold
Faster than light
She’s faster than light

(Music/Lyrics © 2000 Xavier de la Huerga)


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