'Behold, it is by the cracks in the wall that light comes through, whereby men become aware of the light and therein perceive the wall and how it stands.'
The Lost Road - J.R.R. Tolkien

Welcome to Lightcracks

The first draft of The Initiatic Journey. Manifesto and Manifestation is out now and can be read here.

I've been streamlining and expanding my workshops on Applied Astro-Geomancy Integrated With Permaculture Design in order to include my recently acquired understanding of the structure of Ancient Metrology. This forgotten dimension of pre-historic science needs to be recovered and put into practice once again. I'm presently in talks with several groups and venues to facilitate some workshops as well as landscaping advice. I will be posting the dates and venues shortly. Stay tuned and get in touch via email if you'd like to organize one in your area.

February 2014 - Stepping up my research and study of the complex and utterly mind-blowing subject of Ancient Metrology. I've been corresponding with John Neal and Robin Heath, two foremost authors and pioneers in this field. As well as being a neccessary field of research for my forthcoming book, I intend to apply this knowledge to low impact architecture projects and permaculture design.

March 2013 - I'm working on a prototype archtop guitar. To that effect, I'm currently engaged in an intense 'guitar acoustics crash-course' of sorts with fabulous luthier Eltham Jones, who is kindly acting as the acoustic science consultant. I'll be using, Pythagorean harmony theory, sacred geometry, ancient metrology and some unusual materials in its construction.

August 2012 - My talk at the Return of the Ring Conference was an emotive event. This international conference organized by the Tolkien Society took place at Loughborough University from the 16th to the 20th August and it catered for both fans and the more academic stream of Tolkien scholarship. My talk was based on Tolkien's unfinished time-travel novel:The Notion Club Papers. It appears in the programme as 'From Atlantis to 2012 and Back Again. Tolkien's Time-Travelling and the Notion Club Papers Mystery'.

June 2012 has seen the launch of my new blog in Spanish to help promote my forthcoming book Raices Celestes, in which I explore the prehistoric roots of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route and its uncanny connection with the ancient Game of the Goose board-game.

My song Deep Skies Mermaid was released online on 9th March 2012 as part of No Red Seas, a compilation album raising funds and awareness for Sea Shepherd Marine Conservation Society who are actively campaigning to stop dolphin and whale mass slaughter. The compilation has raised $2,500 so far and received over 20,000 online listens. Please, help with a donation to this worthy cause if you can, or just by following the link, listening to the music, 'liking' it in Facebook and passing the word around.

My first Applied Astro-Geomancy and Permaculture Workshop was facilitated on 10th March 2012 at the Wilderness Centre in Mitcheldean (Forest of Dean). A total success and an inspiring time for all involved. Get in touch via email if you'd like to attend future workshops and go to the Workshops page for further details.

Both writing and research for the Game of the Goose book continue at a grinding pace. I've recently found a haven to work on it in a peaceful corner of the countryside near Swindon, thanks to my Druid friend Chris, whose work can be glimpsed at www.acorneducation.com

My re-interpretation of the ancient Game of the Goose board is now past its draft stage. You can have a look at the final stages of the pencil work here. What originally was intended as its accompanying booklet has gradually become such a serious piece of work, that it now seems it'll actually be the board game that will accompany the tome! Initiatic in purpose and embedded with timeless symbology, the Game of the Goose is connected with the pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.

On the more earthy side of things, I continue working in projects related to land restoration, astro-geomantic landscaping, permaculture gardening and low-impact building. My latest design has been at Jasmine and Simon Dale's plot in the Lammas Eco-Village, where back in July I 'laid' a Golden Egg (based on the Golden Ratio/Phi) with its axis aligned to various geo-astronomical markers.

And right now, I'm helping to build yet another beautiful straw-bale house in an organic farm. The last one before I embark in my own project (hopefully!).

My latest Low Impact Building Workshop for the Freeconomy community in Bristol turned out into an opportunity to link up with Mark Boyle, founder of Freeconomy and author of The Moneyless Man. We've been getting together to cross-pollinate about High Positive Environmental Impact strategies. Mark is in his second year of living without money.

Finally, I found a way to produce somehow affordably a small run of my Vitruvian Woman design printed onto T-shirts and mugs. Check up the shop for details. The image has been receiving quite a lot of attention after being featured at the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury. In its latest version it integrates a pentacle within the composition to further emphasize its Venusian/Pythagorean essence. You can read more about her genesis, conceptual background and hermetic significance here

Lovewaves Rippling and Joyful Revelations
Xavier de la Huerga





The Vitruvian Woman is a Child of Imagination and Magic. A Retroactive Spell cast to shape the future





















































Lightcracks Award for "Best Article of the Blogosphere 2008": "Money and the Crisis of Civilization" by Charles Eisenstein. Powerful prose, authoritative and exhaustively researched but very approachable and within the grasp of most people. This superb critique of the monstruous, de-humanizing economic system we live in is laid out in plain terms and gracefully. Here's the proof that in no way can usury be part of our economy if we want the current biospheric realm to survive. Charles has even come up with a credible way out (There's a second part to this article in the same website not to be missed!). Check it out! Money and the Crisis of Civilization by Charles Eisenstein

Lightcracks DVD of the Year 2008: "MONEY AS DEBT" by Paul Grignon
"Ever wondered why the banks have so much money, while countries and
individuals have so much debt? What is money and where does it really come
from? Why does government borrow money at interest from a Central Bank
if it supposedly creates all the money?"

It has taken me years of research to understand what this homemade video
shows in a brilliant, clear and humorous way in just 47 minutes. This is an
invaluable educational tool for all:




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Lammas Ecovillage, Wales. Autumn 2009. Photo Credit: Simon Dale
This goose-foot crucifix in the Camino de Santiago points to the ancient pre-christian roots of the pilgrimage route.
A sample of recent artwork used as a poster for my forthcoming series of workshops on Applied Astro-Geomancy and Permaculture Design. More
I crafted his image to accompany the release of Deep Skies Mermaid on the No Red Seas compilation album to help raise funds for Sea Shepherd Marine Conservation Society