A series of workshops on Applied Astro-Geomancy integrated with Permaculture Design

"Xavier facilitates an uplifting and inspiring blend of hands-on workshop, visual presentation, didactic story-telling and ritual ceremony" Jake Stewart, Permaculture Designer

Topics covered
(Applies only to the 12hr/2 days format. Shorter workshops will skip some of the subjects described below)

Connecting with Outer Space - Effectively expanding the concepts of Ecology and Environment beyond our home planet to encompass our solar system and galactic neighbourghood. Why it is important that we acknowledge and increase our awareness of our actual place in and deep connection to the Cosmos.

Connecting with Forgotten Time - A journey back in time to our forgotten pre-historical roots. A concise reconstruction of prehistoric culture, with its sophisticated science and its cosmic outlook. The so-called Neolithic Agricultural Revolution and the massive changes that it brought about: Territorialism and its attendant warfare, patriarchal religions, epidemics, super-population and the downgrading of the female, which have devolved us into our present state of ongoing self-destruction.

Concise introduction to our Exoplanetary Environment -The Heliosphere: Sun, Moon and rest of the planetary cohort. Orbital motions, rhythms, cycles and their subtle and not-so-subtle influence on the Biospheric Realm. Visually aprehending planetary and stellar dynamics, free download and use of open source astronomy simulation software tools (Bring your laptop, or suitable storage device). Our place within our home galaxy, our galactic neighbourhood, the visible stars and constellations. The Zodiac, the Ecliptic, the Galactic Equator, Precesional Drift.

Archaic Technology: the Fusion of Art, Science and Spirituality - The Golden Ratio explained, its intrinsic appearance throughout nature and its relation to self-reflective consciousness. Making your own 13-knot Egyptian Rope, constructing and studying on the ground the Vesica Pisces, the 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle, Golden rectangles and Triangles, Golden Eggs and Ellipses. Making a theodolite to calculate altitude. Ancient surveying techniques. Ancient metrology: an overview of Stonehenge as an example of Techno-Archaic sophistication in the light of cutting-edge research. The Earth/Venus Mystery: the generation of beauty, proportion and harmony patterns in the orbital relationships between Earth and the planet Venus. Construction of a Pythagorean Pentalpha Star of Healing astro-geomantically aligned, using the 13-knot rope. Multidimensional Numbers. An introduction to the 17 Mayan Calendars: A model for a new time-computing system?

Astrotheology and Galactic Metaphysics - As above, so below: the astro-theological roots of myth and religion. The symbolic language of myth and its place at the event-horizon of the Black Hole of Syntax wherein lies Mystery. The original meaning of "Cosmos": Recovering the ancient mytho-poetic worldview that understood the Natural Order of the Universe (Cosmos) as being intrinsically beautiful (aesthetic), purposefully practical (pragmatic) and profoundly nurturing for life and consciousness (ethical). The Silver Gate of Man and the Golden Gate of the Gods: galactic centre and galactic anti-centre and their symbolic role within a Milky Way cosmology as allegory of the self and the soul's journey.

The Enchanted Forest Garden - Integrating permaculture, forest gardening, low impact architecture and landscaping with astro-geomantic principles, numerology, sacred geometry and ancient metrology to meaningfully align and connect our designs with the macro-cosmic patterns and cycles. Land Stewardship Vs. Land Ownership. Anchoring our cultural awareness in the pre-historic wisdom of our ancestors to project our visions beyond the Kali Yuga of post-industrial global civilization. The restoration of the Biospheric Realm and the Healing of Humankind.

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Sat 30th March - Yorkley Court. Lydney, Wales (UK) - Two hours mini-workshop and geomantic construction, as part of the Reclaim The Fields Gathering. Cost: FREE

Sat 5th and Sun 6th January 2013 - Foncebadon, Leon (Spain) - (Facilitated in Spanish/English). Duration: 12 hours divided into two sessions of 6 hrs. each. Residential with all meals and materials provided plus visit to megalithic site of recently deiscovered labyrinth rock-carvings in Lucillo. Cost: €220/£190. Concs: €180/£150 Please, email me for details and booking.

Thurs 20th December 2012 - Tyr Isbridol. Pembrokeshire, Wales (UK) - End of Mayan Great Cycle Special. Duration 6 hours. Lunch and materials provided. Cost: £70. Concs: £50. Please, email me for details and booking.

Sun 4th November 2012 - Venue TBA. Pembrokeshire, Wales (UK) - Samhain Special: Exploring the Galactic Underworld. Introductory Level. Four hour workshop plus night time ceremony. No materials provided. Cost: £60. Concs: £45. Please, email me for details and booking.

Sun 23rd September 2012 -Corsham Community Centre, Wiltshire (UK)- Autumn Equinox Intensive (9 hours with two breaks). Vegetarian lunch and early eve sandwiches provided. Start: 9am prompt, finish at 7'30pm. Materials provided. Cost: £120, £100 conc. Please, email me for details and booking.

27th and 28th July 2012 -Casa de la Cultura, Cuenca (Spain) - (Spanish/English). Non-residential. Vegetarian lunch provided. 12 hours divided into two sessions of 6 hrs. each. Materials provided. Cost: 180 Euros/£150. Please, email me for details and booking.

10th March 2012 -The Wilderness Centre. Mitcheldean, Forest of Dean (UK)- Test Run Prototype Workshop, hence only £10 recommended donation. This is partly a fund-raising workshop for the Wilderness Centre. Please, email me for details and booking.

Please get in touch via email (at bottom of this page) if you'd like to attend a workshop. No matter where you are, since more venues will likely be made available later on in the year. In fact, let me know if you think you know of a potential venue. One-to-one tuition can also be arranged.


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