A series of workshops on Applied Astro-Geomancy integrated with Permaculture Design

Topics covered

Connecting with Outer Space - Effectively expanding the concepts of Ecology and Environment beyond our home planet to encompass our solar system and galactic neighbourghood. Why it is important that we increase our awareness of our actual place and deep connection to the Cosmos.

Connecting with Forgotten Time - A journey back in time to our forgotten pre-historical roots. A concise reconstruction of prehistoric culture, with its sophisticated science and cosmic outlook. The so-called Neolithic Agricultural Revolution and the massive changes that brought about territorialism and warfare, patriarchal religions, epidemics, super-population and the downgrading of the female, which have devolved us into our present state of ongoing self-destruction.

Our Exoplanetary Environment -The Heliosphere: Sun, Moon and rest of the planetary cohort. Orbital motions, cycles and their not-so-subtle influence on the Biospheric Realm. Visually aprehending planetary and stellar dynamics, free download and use of open source astronomy software. The Earth-Venus Mystery: the generation of harmonic patterns in the orbital relationships between Earth and Venus. Our place within our home galaxy. The zodiac, the ecliptic, the galactic equator, precessional drift.

Archaic Technology: the Fusion of Art, Science and Spirituality - The Golden Ratio explained, its intrinsic appearance throughout nature and its relation to self-reflective consciousness. Making your own 13-knot Egyptian Rope to construct the Vesica Pisces, the 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle, Golden rectangles and triangles. Making a clinometer. Ancient metrology. Multidimensional Numbers. An introduction to ancient calendars.

Astrotheology and Galactic Metaphysics - The astro-theological roots of myth and religion. The symbolic language of myth. The original meaning of Cosmos: Recovering the ancient mytho-poetic worldview that understood the Natural Order of the Universe as being intrinsically beautiful (aesthetic), purposefully practical (pragmatic) and profoundly nurturing for life and consciousness (ethical). The Silver Gate of Man and the Golden Gate of the Gods: galactic centre and anti-centre.

The Enchanted Forest Garden - Integrating permaculture, forest gardening, bio-architecture and landscaping with astrogeomantic principles, numerosophy, sacred geometry and metrology to meaningfully align and connect our designs with the macrocosmic patterns and cycles. Anchoring our awareness in the pre-historic wisdom to project our visions beyond the Kali Yuga of post-industrial civilization.

Forthcoming Courses and Lectures

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th May 2023 - Ecoaldea Los Portales, Sevilla (Spain) - Twenty hour Foundation Course (Spanish). Residential, full board organic vegetarian meals. Includes hands-on build of astrogeomantic structure on the grounds. Early bird 10% discount before 15 April. Price range from 220€ to 270€ depending on accommodation choice. Contact Los Portales for details.

Sat 13th and Sunday 14th May 2023
-Lliria, Valencia (Spain) - Sixteen hour Foundation Course + outdoors night time Star Walks astro-mythology session (Spanish). Includes construction of astrogeomantic structure using 13 knot Egyptian rope. In-person, residential, or online. Cost: from 220€ to 390€. Contact the organizers

---------------------------- PAST -----------------------------

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th February 2023 - Ecoaldea Los Portales, Sevilla (Spain) - Twenty hour Foundation Course. Residential with full board organic vegetarian meals. Includes hands-on build of astrogeomantic pentalpha structure on the grounds. Price: 180€ to 240€ depending on accommodation type. Please Contact me or Los Portales for details, or fill in the booking form straight away.

Fri 27th to Sun 29th January 2023 - Finca Sagrada Byodinamic Farm, Vilcabamba (Ecuador) - Twenty hour Foundation Course (English) including hands-on construction of astrogeomantically aligned Earth Star, ceremony, sacred mountain walk and river swims. Full board residential. Cost: 200$ to 250$. Please, contact me or Finca Sagrada for details.

Fri 20th to Sun 22nd January 2023 - Finca Sagrada Biodynamic Farm, Vilcabamba (Ecuador) - Twenty hour Foundation Course, (Spanish) including hands-on construction of astrogeomantically aligned Earth Star, ceremony, sacred mountain walk and river swims. Full board residential. Cost: 200$ to 250$. Please, contact me or Finca Sagrada for details.

Friday 11th to Sun 13th November 2022 - Ritmo da Terra Ecovillage, Aljezur (Portugal) - Twenty hour foundation course including hands-on construction of Astrogeomantic Golden Ratio labyrinth. Full board residential or attendance only. Cost: sliding scale 150€ to 250€. Please Contact Ritmo da Terra to book a place and for enquiries.

Sunday 15th April 2017 - Glastonbury, Somerset (UK) - One day astrogeomantic introduction workshop, including hands-on construction of Golden Ratio Labyrinth and visit to the Tor with initiation and ceremony on the St. Michael's Leyline. Cold lunch provided. Cost: £120. Please Contact me to book a place.

Sunday 8th April 2017 - Langport, Somerset (UK) - Four hour presentation and hands-on construction of astrogeomantically aligned mandala using 13 knot Egyptian rope (12pm to sunset). Lunch provided. Cost: £100. Please Contact me to book a place.

Sat 17th September, 2016 - El Acebo. Camino de Santiago, Leon (Spain) - Initiation into Astrogeomancy. One day Foundation Course and labyrinth building. From 12pm to 12am, two meals provided. Cost: 160€. Early bird 12% discount if booked before August 15th. Optional visit next Sunday afternoon to site of recently discovered megalithic labyrinth rock-carvings in Lucillo, transport and lunch provided for an extra 50€. To book and find out more email me here.

Sat 30th March 2013 - Yorkley Court. Lydney, Wales (UK) - Four hour mini-workshop and astrogeomantic giant labyrinth construction on the grounds. Organized as part of the Reclaim The Fields Gathering. Price: £50. Contact https://reclaimthefields.org to book your place.

Sat 5th and Sun 6th June 2013 - Molinaseca, Leon (Spain) - (Spanish/English). Duration: 14 hour course plus practical astronomy sessions after dinner (optional). Residential with all meals and materials provided. Cost: €220/£200. Concs: €180/£160. Please, email the albergue for booking and details.

Thurs 20th December 2012 - Tyr Isbridol. Pembrokeshire, Wales (UK) - End of Mayan Great Cycle Special. Duration 6 hours. Group ceremony and celebration. Vegetarian dinner provided. Cost: £70. Concs: £50. Please, email me for details and booking.

Sat 3rd and Sun 4th November 2012 - Venue TBA. Pembrokeshire, Wales (UK) - Samhain Astrogeomantic Special: Exploring the Galactic Underworld. Fourteen hour workshop plus Halloween concert and night time ceremony. Materials provided. Cost: £160. Concs: £145. Contact me

Fri 21st to Sun 23rd September 2012 -Corsham, Wiltshire (UK)- Autumn Equinox Intensive (20 hours). Residential. Vegetarian food. Labyrinth construction. Materials provided. Cost: £120/£100 concessions. Contact me for details of venue and booking.

Sat 28th July 2012 -Casa de la Cultura, Cuenca (Spain) - (Spanish). Introduction to astrogeomancy two hour lecture. Cost: FREE. Please, email me for details.

10th March 2012 -The Wilderness Centre. Mitcheldean, Forest of Dean (UK)- Test Run Prototype Workshop, hence only £10 recommended donation. This is partly a fund-raising workshop for the Wilderness Centre. Please, email me for details and booking.

Astrogeomantic land study, on-site survey and consultation are available. One-to-one tuition can be arranged.



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